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Functions of the BRIGHT center

Early Intervention Center (For Children From 1Month - 5Years of Age)

The aim of the ESIS is to provide early intervention to all the children with developmental disabilities @ an early age for early recovery

  • 1 month - 5 years of age
  • Infants & children with delayed developmental milestones, cerebral palsy, Hearing impairment, AUTISM, ADHD, PDD – Nos , Downs syndrome etc.,

Special School (From 5Years to 15Years)

BRIGHT special school provides both therapeutic intervention academic program to all possible special children

  • Part – Time ( Morning or afternoon for children going to regular school)
  • Full – Time( Morning or afternoon for children going to regular school)
  • Pull- out (only for few hours children who requires training in one – one academic program)

Academic Training - NIDS Center (For Their Excellency in X AND XII Graders

Impart education for special children to write their board exams X and XII grade through NIOS

  • NIOS Syllabus Is Target Through Smart Classroom & Practical Modality For X And XII Graders

Pre Vocational & Vocational Unit (For Children Below 18-25Years)

The aim of the vocational unit is to make them potentially employable

  • I)signing the attendance (In order to create a work place- like environment trainee sign the attendance register when they arrive each morning
  • II)Gardening, Cooking, cutting vegetarian
  • Arranging | numbering items in a box , art, craft, drawing, painting, printing, Taking Xerox, on – line Booking, Money concept, Baking,Banking skill etc., shop- keeping, administration. Teaching all life – oriented skills which is employable
  • Teaching concepts like traveling alone through public transport
  • vocational skills are taught according to the interest , capacity & the need of the special child

Research & Development

It Is Been Awarded Recognized Research Center By Annamalai University

  • 5 Ph.D Scholars Are Here Enrolled In The Program
  • Our BRIGHT Center Has Constructed A Tbt Tool To Screen Chilren Learning Disabilities

Job Placement (For all Eligible Special Needs Population)

Once the adult special population are trained for their employ ability skills through vocational training our center places them for jobs according to their interest and developed hands on training

  • Hospitality Industry (In Restaurants/ Hotels)
  • Mechanical Industry