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Research and Development

  • BRIGHT is been awarded recognized research center by Annamalai university.
  • 5 Speech and hearing Ph.D. scholars are currently in the program.
  • BRIGHT research scholars have constructed a test tool to screen and apply methodology for children with learning disabilities.
  • BRIGHT has developed a Facilitating approach for children with Autism spectrum Disorders through AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication)for their expressive skills.
  • BRIGHT team from its inception has also focused on research activities in the field of Autism,Learning Disabilities and in Developmental Disabilities. The team of professionals has presented their research work in many National and International conferences.

The following are the research papers presented at various conferences….

On Going Research activity :

Theory of Mind, Autism and its spectrum of Disorders, Augmentative and Alternative communication, Listening perception.

Research Image
Date Conference Title of Paper
01/01/1997 29th ISHA conference Coimbatore Frequency of Occurrence of Speech sounds in Tamil.
13/08/2009 NIEPMD Guest Lecture on "Communication Difficulties of Children with Autism and its Management
01/10/2011 Sri Ramachandra University. College Of Speech & Hearing. Resource Person for the CEP Topic: Setting up Special school-A career option for speech Language Pathologist
19/11/11 and 20/11/11 ISHA-Tamilnadu, Trichy. Scientific Paper on Phonological Awareness and Orthographic Skills- A comparative between typically developing v/s ADHD in Tamil speaking children -won 2nd Prize.
20/12/11 and 21/12/11 National Seminar on New Perspectives in Applied Linguistics A study on Phonological awareness skills in typically developing vs LD native Tamil speakers.
20/12/11 and 21/12/11 National Seminar on New Perspectives in Applied Linguistics Recognition of Rhyming & Non-Rhyming skills in YA with Down's syndrome vs.Typical Children.
20/12/11 and 21/12/11 National Seminar on New Perspectives in Applied Linguistics A comparative study on phonological processes in ADHD vs.Typical Children.
13/10/12 and 14/10/12 ISHA –Tamilnadu,Puducherry Patterns of reading ability in children with ASD Vs typically developing
13/10/12 and 14/10/12 ISHA-Tamilnadu,Puducherry Parent's Teachers perspective on communication abilities of ASD children in mainstream schooling.
27/12/12 NIEPMD-Facilitation of Linguistic Skills During ADLs. Delivered Lecture on Various approaches and techniques used by SLP.
01/02/13 and 03/02/13 ISHA CON- Chennai Served as Chairperson of a scientific session on Adult Language Disorders.
29/10/2014 to 31/10/2014 NIEPMD, on Access to Education for persons for multiple disabilities held at vigyanBhawan ,NEWDELHI An Effective Facilitation of Semantics to Syntax Development in Children with ASD BY using AAC-CASE STUDIES.
01/01/2015 to 03/01/2015 47th ISHA CON-Manipal Teaching stories to children with Autism spectrum Disorders:Effect on the development of mind.
01/01/2015 to 03/01/2015 47th ISHA CON -Manipal An effective facilitation of semantics to syntax development in children with ASD.