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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Therapy at BRIGHT Learning Center provides diagnostic and therapeutic service for children of all ages. The ability to communicate and perform basic daily living skills are the foundation for successful participation in family, social and academic activities.

We provide a full range of services for Autism, ADHD & LD children who have speech, language and oral-motor disorders These include initial screenings, parent consultation, comprehensive Evaluation, scheduled individual and group therapy sessions.

Speech Therapy is provided using different strategies like oral imitation, oro - motor coordination, picture reading, and sight word - sentence reading using different methodologies.


A speech and language evaluation is performed in order to gain insight regarding your child's speech and language skills within, the context of his/her total development. Standardized test, observational scales and parental input are used in order to gather information about your child's communication skills.

Evaluations are used in order to assess one or all of the following
  • Receptive language - what a child understands.
  • Expressive language - what a child communicates.
  • Social language. (ie) Pragmatics
  • Vocabulary.
  • Oral motor skills or feeding.
  • Speech Articulations.
  • Fluency.
  • Auditory processing.
  • Phonological awareness.
  • Voice.
Evaluation Image Evaluation Image Evaluation Image

Rehabilitation of a child with speech and language disorder involves a variety of techniques depending upon the child's speech and language problem.

We at BRIGHT learning center use the following techniques with children having speech and language disorder.

Imitation & Modeling:

This is a conventional speech & language therapy technique where we use picture cards and mirror to stimulate the child to comprehend and express speech.

Oral Massage and Oral stimulation:

Oral Massage is done for children with disorder such as cerebral palsy and those children who have tactile hypersensitivity. In these children, they have weak oral muscles & decreased functioning of the oral muscles.

Oral Massage is usually done on the cheek area, around the mouth and also intra-orally. This is done in a particular direction & using a particular degree of pressure. This is done using fingers, vibrator etc., depending upon the child's need.

Oral Stimulation is a technique used specifically for children who cannot imitate the therapist. The therapist performs the movement passively with the child's mouth for production of various speech sounds. Hence ,the child gets a tactile feedback of the placement of the tongue, movement of the tongue & lips for the production of various sounds and will try to perform it individually by himself / herself.

Oral Message and Oral Stimulation
Oral Message and Oral Stimulation
What is group therapy?

Group therapy is stimulating the children to speak within a group. Children with autism, ADHD and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDDs) exhibit problems in communicating with other children and elders. Inorder to facilitate this effective communication within a group, group therapy is carried out

In our center, we provide group therapy.

Auditory Integration Therapy

Auditory Integration Therapy is a new technique which has been used to improve the auditory attention to speech and other sounds for children who lack in these areas. This lack of auditory attention is evident in children with Autism, ADHD and PDDs. Auditory Integration Therapy has been proved to be beneficial for these children . We, at BRIGHT Learning Center provide Auditory Integration therapy for such children.