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Pre – Vocational and Vocational Unit

The Aim of the vocational unit is to make them potentially employable.

Admission Age group :
  • 16 years onwards.
Vocational program :
  • Signing the attendance.(In order to create a work place-like environment trainees sign the attendance register when they arrive each morning).
  • Training is imparted according to the interest,capacity and need of the client in the following areas:

    Gardening,cooking,house-keeping,cutting vegetables,art,craft,numbering,arranging,drawing,painting,printing,taking Xerox,on-line booking of tickets,money concept,baking,banking skills(withdrawing,depositing etc.,),shop-keeping,and administrative skills .

  • Teaching all life-oriented skills which are employable.
  • Teaching to travel alone through public transport.
Timing :
  • 8am – 4pm.
Vocational Team :
  • Special educators, Therapists, vocational trainers, Activity Assistants ,Gardeners,Chef and other helpers.
Note to Parent:
  • This program will enhance your child for an independent living in the future.
Enrollment :
  • Throughout the year.
Vocational Program